2015 – here I come!

Just two more days, and we will be entering another new year, so I thought I will summarize my 2014 experiences and my plans for 2015!

2014-  I cannot forget this year, for several reasons…. started in a great way – enjoyed the first half of the year – traveling in most of Jan and Feb, made some great friends, working on my own stuff during March/April, travel again in May, started working with a friend on a “startup” idea from June, and then like the Sun started moving South, the pendulum shifted the other side for me… I feel more weary now, have not traveled much, have not done anything that I can say.. “wow, exciting”, lost some friends, all due to my own faults… indecisiveness, being accommodative(this I would not consider a fault, but sometimes I think being accommodative is going to be your biggest enemy), being defensive and forgetting to let go of things I can’t control, and overall having a feeling that I had lost control of myself and my life when I could have made 2014 the best year in my life.

Come 2015- I want this to be a different year. Till now in my life, I have never set any goals for myself and have been following where life has taken me – so I can say, I have only been a follower, with the dream to lead and being followed. This year, I want to try something different – set some goals and try to achieve them and take on life in the direction I want to…  hence the first line “I want this to be a different year”…. In 2014, the same line would have read… “I hope for a different year” 😉

So there you go…my goals for 2015:

Travel/Adventure Visit atleast two countries(USA, Singapore – are the two countries I am thinking at the moment), and travel to two Indian states(Rajasthan, Punjab), and do a basic Mountaineering course.

Projects Launch one product(Web/Mobile app) that will be used by atleast 10000 people.

Learning Quiero apernder a hablar en espanol

Volunteer Volunteer with an NGO in environmental conservation domain and do atleast 5 field trips.

Blog/Twitter  Write atleast one blog per month and tweet once a week……. Stats so far: 7 years- 2 blog posts, 5 years- 29 Tweets and that too from someone who says he is interested in writing… Now you know why I have to make this a goal, something that is as natural as breathing for others 😉

Health I want to focus more on my fitness this year, first thing I want to do is(should not be a surprise for those who know me)….. Increase my weight, yes….. you read it right 😉 I am not going to give out a number and leave you scratching your head though.  😉

I want to begin this year positively and I am sure these goals are going to be helpful in keeping me motivated through the year.

Looking forward for a 2015, that is going to be vastly different from any of my previous years.

Happy New Year Folks!

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