After 3 years(Yep! It has been 3 years since I quit from my last full-time job) of “trying” to “do startup”, I have come to this conclusion.

If startup is a baby, trying to do a startup is like trying to get pregnant, if you can see what I mean.

Both are hard! Getting pregnant should happen, likewise, startups should happen as well, If we are trying for both, it ends up in a lot of frustration. The seeds(ideas) alone are not enough, it involves a lot of doing, lot of trial and error, timing and luck!

So a good way to startup is to not think that you are doing a startup or that you want to do a startup at all, and like sex, it has to be passionate, just keep doing what you love, and let it grow into your baby(startup). I think this is the only valid approach to starting up.

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