A New Year! And a New Beginning!

I’ve been in silent mode for a long time from my friends, so let me update my whereabouts first- I had moved to Amsterdam for a job last September! So far, it’s been GREAT here- would have met people from atleast 50 nationalities, tried 50+ different dishes(vegetarian of course!!), less pollution, less traffic, less noise, nice roads- with pedestrian/bike lanes and traffic signals that work, friendly people(even Government staffs!!!!), world famous(or infamous) streets, historic buildings, first time experiencing real seasons- autumn, winter and I’m thoroughly enjoying this experience! Now, don’t say I’m a typical NRI! I love my country, its people, its culture, but just presenting what I’m experiencing here…..not complaining about India.

2016 and the previous years- were some of the most toughest in life- I say toughest not in absolute sense, but relatively toughest for me than any of my previous years, many first times, many failures, lots of learnings- I know learnings are overrated especially from someone who has failed miserably! If there are any takeaways from my previous years there is one thing that is important in my life- that is ME! Everything else is secondary.

2017- I’m just getting back to my regular routine, HOME-WORK-HOME after about 4 years! Previous years were only WORK-WORK-WORK with of course no returns! Completely my fault! I know!  So far, 2017(and past few months) has been nice to me. I’ve Stopped mad coding! Started cooking! Sleeping well! Waking up early! Eating 3 meals a day!!!  Started running! and generally doing well here. I just have one goal for this year- To run Amsterdam marathon(will be my first!) under 3 hours! This may or may not be achieved depending on my current fitness level, but I want to see how far I can get in this. Anything I do- eat, sleep, run, exercise will be directed towards this goal. More updates on this in the following months 😉

For now, I wish my friends and family a happy 2017 and wish you too a great year!


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2 Responses to A New Year! And a New Beginning!

  1. Ekambaram says:

    Tried reaching you for a very long time since you left India (just casually).. finally got to see some update.. relaxed/good to see

    • sridhar87 says:

      Ekam!!!! Nice to see your message. Hope you are doing well.. Can you please add me to our whatsapp group: +31687618210

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