The Eiffel Tower

Today, I had the privilege to visit the iconic monument of Paris – the Eiffel Tower.

It was built in 1887, to mark the 100th year after the French Revolution. Even though it is not listed in the wonders of the world, standing underneath the humongous structure….you will start wondering how marvellous the structure is. To conceive of a structure like the Eiffel Tower, and to make it stand tall at 324 meters, for nearly a 130 years(and even more years to come), is not only a marvellous engineering feat, but also shows the creativity.

I hope to visit this again soon as I missed going to the top. Tip: The adventurer in you would want to climb all the way up the stairs, but the stairs will take you only upto a certain level. You need to get the ticket to the elevator at the bottom of the tower.

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